Why are people so inconsiderate? We all have jobs/lives but if you put an item up for sale why is it such a problem for you to follow through??? I've done book swaps and swapped on makeup alley and it's nothing like what I've encountered here. I had a pkg. all ready to go but was missing a small detail on shipping. The person kept me hanging for DAYS only to reply that they "changed their mind" WTF??? Have some consideration! Not to mention the numerous times I've PM'd to inquire about an item and not even get the decency of a reply.

The only good swap I've had so far is with kathy mac.
Originally Posted by wavysue
It really is a shame that there are an increasing number of people who exhibit such flaky behavior with swaps here. But at least we have this thread to report their behavior -- and you totally *should* report that behavior, including the person's name/handle -- so they'll know that grownups don't transact business that way....

And please rest assured that there are plenty of us on these boards who do follow through and make perfectly pleasant swap partners.

I'm sorry that you had that experience, though.
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well if the swap didn't go through I'm not sure that I should put their names on here......some people have had actual BAD swaps or didn't get paid & they don't put the names on. I don't get that at all. Guess I just don't understand swapping on this forum. People need to conduct themselves as if it were a business transaction and use some common courtesy. Period.
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