Has anybody read this book and just felt like it was the curly bible. i got it 2 wks ago and i finished it last week and my regimen is just where it needs to be my hair his healthier, stronger, moisturized and i always reference it in case i want to get a new product. it has actually help me also not become a product junkie.

i have only been curly for about 2 months now and at first i was just buying up anything i saw. this book has taught me that all i need is just conditioner, water and oils here and there and u are good to go.

I love love love this book and i havent really run into ppl who have read this book yet. have you read it and do u agree this is like the bible for curly heads?

REGIMEN (updated 2/28/12)
Shampoo: Hello Hydration or Desert Essence Coconut Shampoo
Conditioner: HH for conditioning, detangling and leave in
Oils: jojoba oil
Styling: nothing. just take down from pineapple, style and go.