Oh my gosh, you guys. I read this thread last night, and decided to give some coconut oil I had lying around a try (I usually add it to my henna mix, but have been afraid to use it on my day-to-day hair because it's only 3a-ish and I was worried about it getting weighed down/looking greasy). But I was intrigued, as you've had such great results with it.

I have never had such good hair in my life. In one day. CO is actually a miracle worker! I applied it over KCKT, and under KCCC, and my curls are so soft, defined, clumped, and shiny. A-MA-ZING. Thanks so much for the tips

Next step... trying it on toast!!
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Having major curl envy while trying to achieve healthy hair with chronic illness... Grow, hair, grow! *pokes*
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* KCKT and CO