Sorry to do this but it's really true that people need to conduct themselves appropriately. We exchanged addresses, you agreed to a swap.

You don't waste someone's time/energy getting a pkg. ready to ship and then ignore messages.

Swappers beware: Curly_Jammy

if she decides to respond to my PM's I will remove this.
Originally Posted by DEL2C
I have never had an issue swapping since I have been on Naturally Curly, all of the people I swapped with me, have given me good reviews.

Like I relpied in my message to you:
I did not like the tone in the several emails you sent and I choose not to swap with you, because I felt uncomfortable.

I will not be bullied or harassed into swapping with you. I am busy person and travel quite often, I cannot reply to PMs the same day you send them to me.
Originally Posted by Curly_Jammy
Well luckily I've never had an issue swapping here either.

I didn't ask for a reply on the same day, but several days later you still chose not to reply. I even gave you my personal e-mail in case you couldn't log on to NC.

This isn't about harassing or bullying *rollseyes* it's about being considerate and following through with your WORD. You gave me an incomplete address, I asked for you to please give me the full address so I could mail your pkg. If you didn't like my "tone" it was because you didn't follow through. If I had mailed your pkg. and you didn't get it then I would have ended up on the bad swaps, I was protecting myself.

I treat swaps like a business transaction and that's how it should be. If you can't follow through in a courteous, timely fashion then don't waste my time.

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