Hi all. I purchased the QOD Max White & I am so excited to try it. This is my first BKT. I couldn't afford it at the salon so I spent some time on this forum reading about everyone's experiences and was inspired to do it myself.

For some reason, my ebay seller keratin4u is not responding to my questions. Maybe someone here can help....

First question: I'm going to start by coloring. Do I wash with the clarifying shampoo then color, then rinse out color and start the BKT process? Or do I color, rinse, then wash with the clarifying shampoo?

Second question: The QOD Max White only needs to be in my hair for 6 hours. I planned on doing this Saturday afternoon, then going to bed after its been 6 hours, then waking up & doing my normal routine (workout & then shower/wash hair). Or should I wash out the White after 6 hours? What have you guys done with your express BKTs?

Thank you for your help - if I hadn't found this forum I never would have decided to do this!!