Well I am mixed with a whole lot of stuff and my hair type is 3b/3c and my hair is poofy and frizzy so what I do is in the shower detangle you hair while it is wet and when doing this use COLD WATER because it helps with the poofiness and the frizz alittle and use a wide-tooth comb to detangle you hair and then when you are finish DON'T DRY YOUR HAIR YET put in some leave-in conditioner or something will moisturize your hair and then you put in your styling products. What I use is gel from the new Pantene Pro-V Solutions the Curly series and the gel helps to defines your curls and to keep your hair not to poof and frizz. When your finish with your styling products you can dry your hair but DON'T USE A TOWEL use a old t-shirt, paper towel, or a microfiber towel when you drying your hair scrunch it and when you are finish with that you could either using a diffuser or what I like to do is let it air dry and then my hair is nice but this is what I do to my hair it may work for you but it may not but you could try it out. I hope I helped you with your problem bye!!!!!