I posted this somewhere else, but thought I should post it here in the health forum.

I'm on an anti-seizure med (topomax) that causes hair loss as a side effect. Not alot of hair loss, but enough that it concerns me. Maybe because I'm vain, but every time I wash my hair (either cowash or shampoo) I am pulling out good-sized handfuls of hair. I detangle with my fingers as gently as I can. I follow my CG routine faithfully, and have been CG for more than 3 years. I rinse upside down, plop with a soft t-shirt, and air dry my hair about 70% of the time, to minimize heat damage. I don't use silicones, sulfates, etc. I ACV about once every 7-10 days. My hair loves ACV's. In fact, I think my hair looks pretty good most of the time (when I spend the time to make it look nice): nice clumpy curls, minimum frizz, soft and bouncy.

But I can pull out strands of hair even when its dry. I've been on the topomax for a year now, and will probably be on it indefinitely. I get chronic daily migraines, moderate to severe, and the topomax is a daily preventative. Without it I'd have severe migraines almost every day. I can't really take supplements because alot of them have the potential to trigger migraines. But, if there are supplements that might help with the hair loss, what I can do is ask my nuerologist if they are "safe" for me to try, and test them out.

So if anyone has any suggestions, Please let me know. I am really dying to know what I can do about this hair loss. I don't want to have bald patches, or thinning hair. I've always had nice, thick hair. I know I'm vain, but my hair has always been my best feature. I've sacrificed alot because of these darn migraines (I've lived with them for like 20 years now), I don't want to sacrifice my hair too.

Thank you!
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