Mother was Icelandic, Japanese, and Black. Dad is Peruvian. My dad mostly did my hair, but all he would do is put some stuff on it(I think it was grease, not sure cause I didn't know Spanish at the time) and brush my curls back and braid them every day, unleashing me at school every day with a frizzy mess I was teased a lot for. That went on until I was in middle school, when my mother let me get my hair pressed for my birthday. For years after, I have just been straightening it with a flat iron and listening to advice like, "Wash your hair every 2 months or so". lolwut? By sophomore year HS, I figured out that was one of the worst "advice" to give to me and never went to that salon again.

Eventually, I got so frustrated spending two hours or so straightening my hair I basically said screw it and started to wear my hair curly. That was when I was 16 or 17 I believe- I'm 18 now. Still haven't gotten things down yet, but when I do I'll sure suggest somethings :3
Currently navy-blue with skyblue underneath and on my bangs, shoulder length. Growing to waist-length
JC Gentle Lather, VO5 Tea Therapy Calming Chamomile(cowash), AOWC(rinse), HEHH(leave-in), JC N&S, Phytodefrisant
JC Gentle Lather, V05 Clarifying Kiwi Lime(cowash), AOHR(rinse)
, HEHH(leave-in), JC N&S, Phytodefrisant
Yogurt/honey, ACV rinse,
JC WDT, GVP Hair Reconstructor, Nexxus Emergencee