You. Laundry Queen. LET US USE THE ****ING MACHINES!

When you moved in over a month ago (just you and your husband), you said the reason why you were doing laundry round the clock is because you had a lot of clothes in storage. But after two weeks, you said you were FINALLY done. Fine, great. Relief.

So why are you still doing three or more loads of laundry a day? WHY? You don't work, so can't you get it all done during the day so people who DO have jobs outside the home can get their clothes washed at night? I went downstairs at 10:30 p.m. - FOUR HOURS after I came home and you were washing clothes - and you're STILL WASHING CLOTHES!!!

My SO and I have at least five loads to wash, and we can't get them done because you constantly have both machines filled up in the laundry room. There are only TWO OF YOU! What the **** are you doing that requires you to dirty so many clothes every day? Does your husband piss all over your clothes every morning to give you something to do while he's at work?

Why can't you take your massive piles of clothes to the laundromat and use their industrial-size machines instead of washing eight tiny loads in the ONE washer we're provided in this building? I know why I don't go to the laundromat: I don't get days off very often, and when I get home from work I want to stay home, dammit.

The idea that I am going to have to confront you to work out a SCHEDULE so we can get our laundry done is ludicrous. And you know, our landlord is nice enough to not charge us extra for utilities, so the least you could do is stop sucking up all the water and electricity like a leech.