My hair nowadays... Had a "trim" and she cut off a lot of my hair. Ugh.

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That's wack. People don't understand the hard work and dedication it takes to grow every single inch. It's like cutting off ALL that work.

Your hair is still pretty though. And your length is nice...I want to get there.

I need a trim and the stylist up front told me that she won't cut off a whole bunch and it will only be a "trim."

The only reason I'm getting a trim is because my curls have been "locking" or getting into knots because of a lack of moisture. I have either detangled with my comb, fingers but if it gets so bad I got to get my scissors and I want her to even out my hair. lol
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I still don't know how I feel about my hair. The shape is better and my hair isn't as dry as it used to be... I really don't know... I too was suffering from locking, so believe me, I understand. I had the BKT done on my hair, but it rinsed out after a month. I wasted $250 on that crap, ahhh! I would have liked it if it lasted for at least 6 months, but it didn't. Oh well... As of now my hair is pretty much back to normal, minus it isn't frizzy. My hair clumps better and is shiny, so I guess the BKT was kind of a good thing, IDK? But like you said, before my hair started locking in some spots.

As for the haircut, be careful. Make sure that you WATCH them. And I mean it. Stylists can get scissor happy.