Texas Mama wrote:
that's so funny about JoiWhip....I just bought some since it's "all the rage" on this site. I just put it on my hair since it was brought to my attention that I looked like Jerry Stiller after my aerobics workout. (And by the way, Happy Festivus to you Seinfeld fans out there.) anyhow, that stuff is still alive when it comes out of the can! I didn't trust it and shpritzed (my new action term for a mousse can) and that stuff just kept growing.....I had a funny moment there for a sec.....
I just love reading your posts. You make me laugh all the time. I needed that.
2C-3A??? Currently using Curly Q Milkshake, 3-minute Aussie Miracle, using non-sulphate shampoos, MopTop Pomade, Boots curl creme, always looking for that next miracle product for my hair! My PJ is never satisfied.