I still don't know how I feel about my hair. The shape is better and my hair isn't as dry as it used to be... I really don't know... I too was suffering from locking, so believe me, I understand. I had the BKT done on my hair, but it rinsed out after a month. I wasted $250 on that crap, ahhh! I would have liked it if it lasted for at least 6 months, but it didn't. Oh well... As of now my hair is pretty much back to normal, minus it isn't frizzy. My hair clumps better and is shiny, so I guess the BKT was kind of a good thing, IDK? But like you said, before my hair started locking in some spots.

As for the haircut, be careful. Make sure that you WATCH them. And I mean it. Stylists can get scissor happy.
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Thanks. Yeah I can't stand the scissor happy tendencies for some stylist.

You hair is lovely