Yes, I did the BKT right after coloring. I did use the conditioner that came with the color, but then washed twice with the clarifying shampoo, so conditioning was pointless. I dried my hair to 80% dry per the instructions, and applied the BKT, then flat ironed. By the time the 6 hours had passed, it was bedtime, so I let it sit on my hair overnight. I did do a low-sweat workout, then flat ironed again before I washed it. I'm used to light hair washing - just cleaning the scalp really, so I noticed that after I washed my hair I could still smell the BKT. I got a little nervous, and decided to dry & flat iron my hair, just in case it made a difference that it was still in my hair. I hate to wash too much right after a color application.

Overall my hair is much smoother with no frizz. My hair is pretty long and thick, with frizzy curls. Interestingly, my hair was stick straight until I had my son. Suddenly I had curly hair that drove me crazy. The main reason I wanted the BKT was so that I could just get up & go in the mornings, and not be a slave to my flat iron. My hair is pretty damaged, and I could never keep my hair straight even after styling it. It looks like I still have volume and light curls (I was hoping for super straight), but I'll know for sure once I actually let it air dry.

I would definitely do another "express" treatment - I definitely couldn't last 3 days without sweating or pulling it back. I think there's another one out there that only takes an hour, I might try that one next. I picked up a couple of small bottles of Pureology, and I ordered Coppolla's Color Care that hopefully will get here by the end of the week. I read a lot about after care, and even though its pricey, its sulfate & salt free, and supposedly designed for BKT. I can't wait to see how long it lasts!
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Can't wait to hear about your results! I DEF want to try the white. Which Pureology did you buy? I've read a lot about Pureology not being BKT safe. Not sure why, but people have said it strips it. Did you check all ingredients online?