When it comes to the red colors I've seen a lot of examples of it working on unbleached brunettes. I haven't seen any other colors on unbleached hair. If you're going to highlight I suggest not dying the curls you're going to highlight black, just separate them somehow (maybe with foil).

Here are pictures of Rock 'n' Roll Red on unbleached brunette hair:



And this is Ariana Grande who inspired me to do my hair this color, I don't think she bleached her hair because this color on bleached hair is much much brighter:


I'm going to dye my hair Rock 'n' Roll Red without bleaching, I'll post a pic once it's done
Transitioning to natural

Natural hair is thick 3B/3C, medium texture, average porosity

Routine *still building*:
  • Moisturize and seal everyday with extra virgin olive oil
  • Co-wash, deep condition, and seal once a week:
  • Shampoo/ACV wash every other week