Is anyone out there mixed?? I am! I am half black, half white.... It gets so annoying with my hair, because NOBODY knows how to do mixed hair, at least not that I've gone to. Most people think that because I have a darker skin tone that I have dry, coarse hair that is common for most african americans, but i dont! Yeah, its dry, but not that dry, and when people give me greasy products meant for that type of hair, it makes it feel gross! I feel like no one understands my hair, not even me! I always wear my hair half up, half down or in a ponytail, and i want to wear it in different styles, but its too difficult, frizzy, and poofy! Its so unmanageable, i need products i can use, and hairstyles for my hair! Anyone out there understand what im going through? If so, please help!
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Mixed hair is normal hair like everyone else's sweetie.
Medium/thick/thin strands
medium fine front thick back
deep condish lutrasilk herbal
moisturize with softn nfree milk protein and olive oil[
3c/4a half and half ♥
Love my curls, kinks, coils, napps, corkscrews.
styler is ORS smooth n hold pudding♥
Transitioning ended--> forced into relaxer
If all goes well, will transition in 2012