A salon person told me that if you color before BKT
you should clarify first, then color dry hair and then start the BKT process. He's a professional that does it all the time and that was his response to my question.
Also, it sounds like you missed a step, after applying the BKT, you are suppose to blowdry your hair (unless this Qod is different) and then flat iron????
I use Qod Max and Gold so I'm eager to try the new Qod White.
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I think it depends on the product. Per keratin4u, the White should be applied after color & clarifying shampoo. Your way makes sense too, rather than washing out the color with the clarifying shampoo.

I did dry my hair to 80% dry per the instructions, and then flat iron.

Oddly enough, while I was waiting for keratin4u to answer my questions, I did some major googling to answer my own questions. I couldn't find any real product info or user experience with the White. Not even on the QOD website. I was going to order the standard QOD after reading everyone's experiences, then when I saw the listing on Ebay for the White, I just jumped on it without doing any research.