Can't wait to hear about your results! I DEF want to try the white. Which Pureology did you buy? I've read a lot about Pureology not being BKT safe. Not sure why, but people have said it strips it. Did you check all ingredients online?[/quote]

I read a lot about sulfate-free salt-free shampoo/conditioner here, then decided I wanted to try as many as I could, lol. I bought the Hydrate by Pureology, just the 2 oz bottles from Ebay to try. According to their site, they are sulfate & salt free. But there's something about their products that others have complained about stripping the BKT. Finally decided to get Coppola Keratin Color Care - I just want to make sure I do everything possible to get this last, lol.

I love the results so far, but I'm kindof questioning the color process along with the BKT. Not sure I was given the right instructions, so we'll see. My hair feels much smoother, its not as straight as I had hoped but it only took me 10 minutes to blow dry (on low heat) & flat iron - normally takes me over 10 minutes just to dry on high heat. So definitely a timesaver, and for once my hair is really frizz free. I would do it again!!