One of the main things I've been doing is to use a different shampoo/conditioner each day. Have about 4 sets in rotation. This seems to be keeping my allergies at bay. Currently using Natures Gate, Redken Fresh Curls, PPS silk, Elvive mask (new one in white jar with red top).

I do my hair differently each day too. lol. So it depends on how much curl as to what products I use.

Which ever look I go for I wash, wrap hair in towel and then comb in leave in conditioner (using Muk at the moment). I've never plopped etc

Then if I want lots of curls I use joiwhip or KMS curl cream and do that diffusing technique that I put the link up on the other thread. A bit of wet setting and a pixie curl type method. This does actually give me second day hair. Interestingly I can't scrunch out the joiwhip at all from my hair.

If I want a looser curl then I am using PPS Mendz the Endz and air drying. Sometimes I blow dry the under neath layer with a round brush.

Straight - well I don't want to scare you all

I put serum on my dry hair at the end of each styling method and on the second day. Am using David Babaii for that at the moment but an trying Argan oil. Not really liking the Argan oil. Think my hair is too fine to be putting oils in it.

OMG what an essay!