at a salon, do you ask about the ingredients in the color? I do not really color my hair, as I have jet black hair, but I have been getting this no ammonia, no peroxide color that basically hides the few grays I have & makes my hair shiny. I get it about every 2 months. This month I did not have time or energy to go there, so I bought something in the beauty supply near me that was no ammonia, no peroxide with the same effects. The ingredients had amodimethicone, but it had a peg before it. So I am wondering what the formula the salon uses has - what if it is not CG? Does it matter with haircolor? I've only gone a few times since I went CG & have not noticed any build-up, so I guess it's fine, but was curious what the reality was. I really like the idea of saving $50 & doing it at home; however it is much easier to have it done & it lasts longer.