I've only recently learned Spritz & Condish has an official name, but I can verify it's a great method. I've been swimming 6-7 days a week for decades, which can obviously be hard on porous hair. A stylist told me years ago to get my hair wet before I put on my swim cap so that once I got in the pool, my hair would already be too wet to absorb much in the way of pool water & chemicals. That worked pretty well, then one day I decided to rake some conditioner into my damp hair before I put on the swim cap. That worked fabulously, and I've been doing it ever since.

Now that I think about it, my hair also started drying faster once I added conditioner to the pre-pool process. Makes perfect sense - not only is my hair absorbing fewer nasty pool chemicals, it's also absorbing less water, in both the pool and the shower.

I'm a fan!
TONS of fine, porous, mostly 3b curls. Normal elasticity.
Shampoo: Ouidad WaterWorks or Curlisto Botanical Shampoo, 3-4x/wk
DT (weekly): Ouidad DT, Curlisto Deep Therapy Masque
Pre-Swim CO:
Garnier Triple Nutrition
Daily CO: Kenra Moisturizing, TJ Nourish, Curlisto Botanical Rinse, Garnier Color Shield, Curlisto Bio-Curl
LI: Curlisto Repair Cream, Curlisto Protein Boost, AG Re:Coil
Stylers: UFDCM/Curlisto Structura combo