LOL don't shoot the messenger, I just went off of what I heard! But her new video is hilarious, especially addressing that "she needs thicker skin" comment. Run tell that!
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No one is shooting any messengers. I was just asking for clarification cause I saw what she has up now. I don't post over there at Long Hair (or whatever it's called).. and I only read over there when it comes up from a search when I'm looking up something about hair...

All I went off of is what I read on the video she made now that I got via the link you posted.

But it was nothing personal against you..
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Marah I was kiddddddddddddding. I'm over here laughing!
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Dang Marah you and the rest of us need a martini or something! High strung over here LOL! No, seriously, I do need some alcohol...

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