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So I have finally decided to embrace my waves/curls after finding this amazing website. But I have no idea what products to use! This is because I have a sensitivity to sulfur ( I'm not sure if sulfates are the same?) and I am allergic to tree nuts. I can't use shea butter or anything almond. I recently discovered that I am protein sensitive. I was using Natural Organix Coconut Milk Shampoo/Conditioner which has proteins and now I know why it is drying out my hair instead of helping it! Below is my hair info:
Curl Pattern: 2b, possibly a 2c
Texture: medium- coarse
Porosity: high
Density: medium
Elasticity: ?
Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. TIA =)
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As someone who has crazy buttload of allergies, I efel your pain!!! I have some products I love but can only use sparingly/must rotate and take breaks from cause I get itchies and rashes, etc.

You'll need to spend some time online READING the ingredients list of recommended products, even those targeted at the sensitive (which we who are really sensitive know is no guarantee we won't have a reaction).

Curlmart, Drugstore.com and other places give ingredients list so you can check for sulfites, proteins, parabens, etc. Spend time looking for recommendations here by using the "forum search" and using key terms "sensitive" "allergies" "hypoallergenic" and such....

I had a bad reaction to some fave Curl Junkie products a couple months back and had to take a break. I bought Abba Pure Gentle line and it helped a lot. I wouldn't recommend it for you as it does have protein, sorry.

Rymorg is on here and she is like me, allergic to loads of stuff. Might wanna see what she recommends (look for her name in the thread about treatments for newbies about protein and moisture, it's on this page and listed on the TECHNIQUES LINKS thread I started this week).

Lots of natural products loved here have nut oils, so well, you may have to search a lot. I hope some ladies here can give you great advice.

I would suggest you try Flaxseed gelee if you are NOT sensitive to flax seeds. This is an excellent styler that is easily customized for your particular hair. You can make it at home (you can search for that, too, as some recipes have been posted here) or order some customized for you from Botticelli Botanicals on Etsy.com (started by one of our own CurlTalk regulars). Check the recipes subforum/threads to see what treatments you can make at home safely. Other curlies here have allergy issues....

I hope you find great stuff for yourself.
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