Yes, I have sensitivities too. Welcome to the world of trial and error.

I can recommend all kinds of things to you, but sometimes what I recommend will cause you a flare up. For instance, the Tigi Moisture Maniac that Redheadmommy has been using in her dd's hair for over a year with no problems makes me itch like MAD. You can be sensitive to so many ingredients. Who knows what it is. It's literally taken me 4 plus years to figure out what sets me off, and now I know for the most part, though occasionally I'll try something new and get a reaction.

As far as your organix shampoo/condish, I'd suspect the sulfates in the shampoo were drying you out instead of helping. I know it says that its sulfate free, but I don't remember the non sulfate cleansers in it and some can be as irritating and drying if not more so than sulfates.

There are many things we can be allergic or sensitive to, and each individual is different. I'm sensitive to sulfates (though can use them occasionally, and with some brands more often than others, I choose not to) and some non sulfate cleansers, fragrances, some polyquats and silicones, lavendar, cinnamon, magnesium sulfate, glycerin and citrus oils. Notice there are natural and non natural things in there.

Unfortunately the best recommendation I can give you is to continue to research and try things. If you start with naturally based or organic brands, other than your nut allergy, a lot of the time they will have more choices for sensitive people. It will take awhile to figure things out though. If you want to start with some non fragranced items, you can go to Sallys and try their Hypoallergenic Naturelle line. They have a shampoo conditioner and gel. They actually have an ingredient in them I'm sensitive to though...LOL....I can't use them. But they're a starting place.

Feel free to PM me if you need any help narrowing things down. HTH.....
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