I just have to comment that I LOVE Jessicurl products. I order some of them by the gallon!

Aloeba is a great conditioner for me. I can get weighed down with too much conditioner, and this one is just right.

Hair Cleansing Cream. It leaves a yucky ring in my bathtub, but gives me very soft and clean hair. I love it.

Confident Coils - this is the ONLY styler I can use (and I have tried a ton of gels and creams this year). It's the only one that doesn't make my hair feel product-y. It has nice hold, without any crunch. I never want to be without it. I use it all year long.

Too Shea and Weekly Deep Treatment - I buy these in smaller sizes because I use them both as deep treatments.

Those are my faves. I don't like:

Rocking Ringlets - makes my hair feel product-y

Awe Inspiraling Spray - again, makes my hair feel too product-y

Everyone is different I guess. The swap board is a good place to set your unloved products free.