I don't leave till Tuesday, meaning that I can go to the Asian Feastival on Monday! That is, assuming they are kind enough to give me the day off to prepare for my trip.
I have entered for a chance to win tickets at Serious Eats NY, but I have an even better chance of winning tickets at the World's Fare blog, which gets far less traffic.
To win, I have to write a haiku referencing Asian food.
I will be coming up with a few, but it wouldn't hurt to get some contributions from the creative, funny curlies that abound on this board.
I want to give one ticket to J, who has been far too stressed and really should do something fun. He pretty much just sleeps on his day off, and I'd like for him to not be so depressed, at least for one day. I figure if he gets a ticket, he'll have no choice but to get up and go.