How does a public embedable youtube video get "stolen?" and how can you complain that your video is posted in places you don't want? That makes no sense to me.
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Though I agree that once you make yourself public, you lose most of your rights, I don't think you should be ok with whatever happens with your image. I am not sure where she landed, but some people will straight up use people's hair for their beauty salons or other promotional things without permission.

It may be ok in some instances for people, but not for others. When I went to fotkis ( before they started infected computers with viruses), people always have disclaimers about using their image. I think that holds no weight in the court of law, but people just hope that it won't be used. So since she couldn't control who was using her stuff, guess she felt that was one of the reasons she should take her videos down. As I said in my other comment, I took down my FB page for similar reasons. I didn't like how their privacy settings were allowing all types of stuff, so I opted out.
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But isn't she gonna repost them? If you don't want your image out there then why take down videos just to put them back up? Sure she may be reediting or whatever, but she said she was gonna put them back up. I don't get it. Once your image is out there, it's basically up for grabs from any one. The internet is so huge that it is damn near impossible to control how your s**t is out there once you willingly put your personal info or profile out there.