Oh ya, I also wanted to share my opinion on the whole controversy over "stealing" videos. I agree for the most part that when you make your videos public and you enable embedding, that means you're allowing people to use your videos on other sites.

However, I think that YTbers do this so that their videos can be shared within reason. If you make a private video than no one can watch it, not even on YT. And what if someone actually asks to feature one of your videos on an appropriate site like a blog or something. Heck, the youtuber themself might even have a blog that they embed their videos on (I do).

What I think these YTbers are referring to when they talk about people "stealing" their videos is when spammy websites use their content to get traffic and all they do is run spammy ads. This looks bad on the YTber and it's not fair to them because they didn't agree to have their videos placed on that site and on top of it, they're not getting any revenue from the site.

When people do this and a YTber gets upset, this can ruin it for everyone because it gives them the idea that they should take their videos down so that no one can watch them which obviously isn't really that great but most people think on an emotional level whether they realize it or not.

On the flip side, even if people are taking your videos and putting them on their site, this gives you additional exposure (if that's what you want). Recently I found a few of my videos on a random site that I obviously didn't authorize but instead of getting mad I just learned to label all of my videos with my website so that people actually know who owns it and if they really like my content they can go back to my site. I do this on ALL of my videos now so I could care less where they go online for the most part as long as people know who actually owns/ made the video. Even if clicking the video back to YT is disabled, my website is engrained on the video because I added it while editting the video.

So, for anyone who has youtube videos out there and you're worried about people "stealing" your videos, don't be. label your videos with your website, name or youtube channel so that people know the real owner and either ways, your videos are getting more views, if that's what you want then yay for you :-) lol