Ive been CG'ing for maybe 2 weeks now...never ever had any problems with my scalp before (always used a sulfate shampoo every other day). Why is it my scalp is now itchy, and at the moment, feels like its sunburned?

For the first week I used the low-poo on my scalp a few times and only used the Deva one c on the length. Then this week Ive just been using suave on my scalp----I dont think its an allergy b/c there isnt anything in the Suave Im allergic to

Should I go back to sulfate shampoos and just use the CG-safe styling products? I just dont want to create a problem with my scalp when I never had one before
fine hair with botticelli curls according to my stylist
currently trialing devacurl low poo, one c and angell