Meh, I guess I'll be the only one that doesn't care. That's okay My thought is...if you put all ya bizness on the interwebz, act like you trust random strangers, advertise your face and your hair...people are gonna respond like they have a say in what you do because you gave them a say. You gave them a voice and they used it. Everything was hunky dory when they were giving compliments and saying what the person in question wanted to hear, but when opinions oppose..the viewers are out of line? Where's the real mob mentality in this scenario?

Disclaimer: I don't even know the YT person. I think that pic Coco posted is ugggggly but I don't care if a stranger on YT tries it out (actually, could be cool to see it on nappy hair). BUT, YT "gurus", bloggers or whatever want folks to care. That's how they amass an audience. So...let the people continue to care and mind the business of others'.
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there are opinions and then there are straight b*tches on youtube. i told someone off, let the comment up and someone else got their panties in a bunch. i told that person they could get the hell off my channel too if they didn't like it, im not here to kiss anyone's ass lol.
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Exactly. I also think it depends on why the person is posting videos. If they are trying to make money off being on the web or want some kind of recognition, then I think that would open them up more to criticism. On the other hand, if someone is taking the time out of their day to let me know how to do a style or tell me that a product smells like doo doo, I appreciate that, so why would I be rude to them? If I didn't like it or find it helpful I would just exit the video...not that difficult. Apparently ppl were commenting on her channel and messaging her (to address the point about disabling comments). Shoot, I would take my stuff down too - no soup for you! Being on YT is not doing a dang thing for me, so when it stops being fun I'm outta there.
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lol, lol, lol