How does a public embedable youtube video get "stolen?" and how can you complain that your video is posted in places you don't want? That makes no sense to me.
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people were probably actually stealing them, as in using programs such as VideoGet to download her video, save it to their computers, and reupload as their own.
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I think this is what she meant by stealing. They downloaded her video with a program that could download youtube uploads and then re upload the videos as their own. I see this practice on youtube quite often and most often it's viral videos. But this happened to a youtube user who made makeup tutorials and I can't remember her s/n. Someone uploaded videos and pretended to be her.

I think if she wants to upload again she should put a small side panel copyright or her her s/n ©chisellecouture 2010 or whatever year to deter video the stealer.