So...these lists really made me want to go and buy some products. I must resist the urge!!! I just ordered a hair butter and gel from Koils by Nature after a 2-month break from buying nothing else for me at this point. Do either of you typically use all of a product once you buy it or do you swap or throw away? I'm trying to minimize by using what's left of a product before I can buy something new, unless its just horribly wrong for my hair.
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I usually try to finish a product first but most of the times, I do not. If I do not like a product, I give it to my niece or one of my other natural friends. I just bought Darcy's Botanicals Tucuma Butter Moisture Whip and Peach Kernal hair butter because they were 50% off. I got them at a local shop. I was originally supposed to get some more Qhemet AOHC but they were out. I should have just walked out but I could not resist the sale.
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