Threads on Curltalk Useful for Curlies with Allergies or HyperReactive Issues

cyclopentasiloxane, mineral oil, wax, etc condishs

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Fragrance Free / Unscented Products

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Bad shampoo ingredient list needed now that I have eczema

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I'm new here with a big problem (please help)
Note: read if you have weird build-up / sebum issues due to good responses

Is this sebum buildup or oily dandruff?

No Fail Flax Seed Gel--I finally did it... TWICE

GENTLE cheap non-sulfate shampoos?

Skincare impact of Haircare

Heads up for Newbies: YOU CAN DO A FORUM search for all of Curltalk threads (and forum specific searches) on topics related to your issues/interests (eg. eczema) as long as the search term is more then 3 letters. Look at the "Search" feature on the forum page.

~~If one of the links is messed up or I made an error, please drop a post with corrected link url or what I need to fix. THANKS.

If I missed a Curltalk thread discussing useful products/techniques/treatments for allergic/eczema/dermatitis/etc issues with scalp/hair care (that is NOT listed, mind you), please post with the link to the Curltalk thread or article, and I will post it to this OP.

Thanks...hope this helps other curlies with sensitivities...
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