Probably wouldn't hurt to take an OTC thyroid supplement. Other things that affect hair are vitamin D and iron, if you are not getting enough. What are you doing to release/relieve the stress? Finding some peace/relaxation would be best.
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Hi Suburbanbushbabe,

I have read some of your comments on other threads and they are always very helpful. However, I just wanted to comment on this specific topic.

Adding OTC thyroid supplements may actually be harmful. Too much iodine, which is what 99% of thyroid supporting OTC products are based on, can actually cause hypothyroidism. Iodine is one of those minerals which is abundant on a diet unless you live in very remote landlock regions in developing countries. The same goes for selenium which is also added to OTC thyroid products (selenium in chronic overdoses is associated with Type II diabetes). In my opinion, a good brand multi-vitamin covers the need for supporting a healthy thyroid.

Now, TSH ranges are outdated by most labs (TSH is the hormone which detects the amount of thyroid hormones in your blood and acts via a feedback mechanism). A TSH over 3 is worth looking into and is classified as sub-clinical hypothyroidism. Doctors, especially GP's, still go by the outdated 0.5-5.5 and unfortunately, an "in the range" TSH of 4.5 will very likely manifest as hypothyrodism in the patient (hair loss and fatigue being very common). To add further insult, most GP's and even endocrinologists only test TSH to rule out hypothyroidism.

OP, do you know the exact lab results? I would gladly offer my opinion if you can post further info. I am on a bit of a hurry right now but can give a more detailed answer upon seeing your results.

Stay positive, stress-derived or thryoid-induced hairloss will revert upon cessation of the problem.

Kind Regards.