I'm new to the 2 boards and just found this thread. Wow, SO glad I'm not the only one who feels as if I'm just pretending I have wavy hair! Most of the time it'll dry with some kind of curl, but when it doesn't, I find myself wondering whether I have straight hair. I need to encourage my curl to make it show up. If I just brush it out after the shower and let it dry, I will get a few waves, but it will be mostly straight. But if I add gel and plop, I will get nice waves. I used to wonder why I always had tiny little spirals around my temples, and the rest was straight after I brushed my hair and whipped all the wave out with a blowdryer. DUH!!! I had always wanted wavy hair, because I seriously believed it was straight. Guess I got my wish! So glad I'm in the company of others who feel the same way and can relate to me (and my hair!) Thanks for starting this thread, Pedaheh. I think we all feel a lot better now. If we ARE wavy imposters, at least we can be wavy imposters with others who have the same hair!
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