I've been trying CG for about a week. The cowashing has definitely helped and even though I'm still getting some weird results, I'm bound and determined to figure this out.

My question is: Am I the only one that finds plopping just doesn't work?

I plopped several days in a row and while I did get curlier results, by the time I diffused it dry, it was so clumpy the top of my hair was just totally weighed down and looked greasy. Is it possible to get too clumpy? It seemed like it was just too wet when I started drying and I ended up with big heavy clumps of hair and it was not attractive!

The last couple of days, I did everything the same except I wrapped my hair in a regular towel. The curl was more managable but I got more frizz.

Is there something I'm doing wrong? Or is there a technique somewhere between plopping and just wrapping hair in a towel?

Help!! 6 days of CG and I'm still wearing my hair in a ponytail every day (but it is a nicer pony tail!)
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