the shea fruit/nut debate has been going on for a while....I see that FAAN's official comment on it was:

"We suggest you ask your allergist for advice about this. The shea nut is a tree nut that has not been widely used in foods in the past, but shea
butter and shea oil are being used increasingly in lotions, bath products,
shampoos, and cosmetics. Although no reactions to shea nut have been
documented in the medical literature some doctors advise patients with tree nut allergy to use caution and avoid products that contain ingredients
derived from the shea nut."

Ive also seen that people with latex allergies can react to shea.

Since our nut allergies are very severe we dont take chances

Add to matter the other products that contain almond, brazil nut, macadamia nut, etc and its like landmines out there...sigh

Edited to add:
this site shows how they make shea butter...this makes me think it is a nut, but who knows for sure
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