I plan on getting a haircut this week, and I want something different. When it's straight, my hair is about to my (sorry for the odd descriptiion) armpits, a bit longer. I wear my hair straight or pulled back more often than curly, and curly, it's not more than a few inches below my shoulders, if that. I've got some pics on my myspace (WWW button), but if you're not my friend, you can't view them--so you can either friend me or I can post pics on the thread. The main pic up is of my straight hair. It just kind of hangs. I really want it to look great both straight and curly, and I don't really want to sacrifice a lot of length becayse of shrinkage--I think my curls look best around this length, perhaps a little shorter. I was thinking maybe some long bangs, but not the kind that drape across my face, but the kind that are split where my part is. I don't really know. I'm pretty clueless. Advice, pretty please?

ETA: I know this belongs on the hair boards, but I've tried there before and got nothing.
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