But I think there are reasons to care about women's lives beyond the fact that women have boobs. If people disagree, they can wear bracelets that say "I love my walking sex toys." It's ridiculously misogynistic.
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Exactly. This is the same reason that "Save the Ta-Tas" bumper stickers make my skin crawl. Not "save women's lives." Just save their ta-tas. Ugh.

Amneris wrote:

Seeing breasts as primarily sexual stops some women from being comfortable breast feeding (which greatly lowers breast cancer rates) or from taking action that can save their lives (don't want to lose a breast or part of one because they won't be "sexy" any more) or from thinking it is important to monitor the health of their breasts. And of course men and their attitudes are a big part of this. I don't think the problem with breast cancer is people not loving breasts, it's people not seeing the full spectrum of what breasts are and overly sexualizing them.

Totally agree here, too. I didn't see your post before I posted.

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