I love them, as well as the entire "Save the Ta-tas" campaign. But then, I also loathe the word "breasts" so that's no surprise. When I hear "breasts" I think of people overintellectualizing and heaping seriousness on some random fleshy protuberances which are, I am full aware, *both* sexual and biologically pragmatic. I don't think you can separate one from the other with boobs -- it's not more important that they be sexual, neither is it more important that they be regarded as a food source for infants. I don't think that putting them on a pedestal, sexual or intellectual, has any point whatsoever, and I take them about as seriously (in their physical form) as my buttcheeks. They're pretty and squishy and fun to play with and, yes, they're attractive and if I had a kid they'd be useful. I don't understand why people, particularly women, feel so compelled to imbue them with greater profundity than any other body part, and I love that the boobies and tatas campaigns relieve them of their 24/7 seriousness. While breast cancer certainly *is* serious, it seems to me that boobs needed to be liberated from the semantics of a particularly nasty affliction.

And I certainly don't presume that someone with a "Save the boobies/tatas" bumper sticker would be ok with some disembodied **** in a jar of formaldehyde, unbothered by the death of the owner of said ****.