Nope, not the towel. I only use tshirts & they're not stinky. It was definitely the moist warm hair in a cap with a towel over it for 10 hours that mildewed me. Gross! I had rinsed it out the ACV before doing the DT- don't know if that makes a difference. Does ACV stop mildew?

I soaked it in baking soda & water for about 5 minutes this morning & it worked. Lucky try maybe? Would another ACV rinse done the same thing?

RCW--I'm obsessed with mildew towels. I hate them! I add a cup of ammonia in the washer (not with bleach at the same time), let them soak a bit and then wash- sometimes twice. It really works-- my grandmother was the laundry queen & told me this. Make sure the laundry room is ventilated or the fumes will knock you out!
(I was so desperate, I seriously thought about doing this to my hair & then realized I might kill myself & came to my senses)
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