I've just been using a regular bath towel.

I was plopping with a t-shirt but it just WAY too wet after a 10 min plop. I tried squeezing the water out with one shirt and then plopping with a second but the hair was so clumpy it just went totally flat and heavy. I hated it.

I've been wrapping carefully in the bath towel after adding my leave in and curl cream. Then I scrunch in mousse and it's much, much better. The plopping was definitely not working for me.

I'm still getting a bit of frizz here and there but I think I just dry it too long with the diffuser...I hate the feeling of damp hair. I've been trying to back off alittle bit with the dryer and I'm getting better results. It's definitely trial and error.
3a/b, fine hair (just lots of it!), average porosity, high elasticity, fragile curls

No Poo and loving it! Gave up my hair dryer and never looked back!

Favorite Condishs: Suave Naturals (cowash) or TRESemme Naturals
Leave-In: CJ Curl Assurance Leave-in or KCKT
Curl Creme: AG re:coil or SS Hair Butter
Gel: HETT, GF Gel

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