I don't have sympathy. They should just keep it down for good. I posted there for a short time, but experienced lots of rudeness from some of the regulars - one was a mod, I think. I had not had any trouble until I posted on a political topic. Apparently they aren't very open to liberal views. I wasn't mean or snarky either. I just said that re-building the Trade Towers might not be a good idea. I'd rather see it become a memorial. I was told I had a defeatist attitude, I was bowing down to terrorists, etc., and when I replied that that wasn't what I was saying at all, I was told that I can't talk politics any more or I'd be banned. I never went back to that foolish site. I'm sorry for the posters who enjoy visiting the site, but I can't say I'm sorry for the site owners - if they got hijacked, they deserved it.

I like TLHS (The Long Hair Site) much better anyway, but it's closing down soon.