I saw that one too! Have you used the product yet? I didn't just mean for AphroDiva to respond...I just remember discussing this in the past, as I tried that Liquid Keratin crap around the same time she did

I'm so nervous about all this. I guess the formeldyhde risks just really scare me but I see more and more people getting this done and getting gorgeous results- the kind of hair I've always dreamed of. I know I can't afford to get it done in a salon so doing it myself is my only option. I've done so much research but can't seem to come to a conclusion on how "safe" it is.
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OMG! Sory for the late reply... I haven't come and visit in a while.

I think YOU can do it yourself with no problems, it will take time, but the steps are not that complicated.
You will love the results. This has changed my life so much. Now I don't worry about getting caught under the rain, or about waking up and going straight to the shower to wet my hair and apply layers of hair products to make my curls immune to humidity and frizz.

I made my second order from a different seller: keratintoday since i saw how the ratings dropped from the seller I purchased it from last time.

KeratinToday has 4oz bottles for $30 and FREE shipping.
The experience was great with this seller, and super fast shipping!
I order the big bottle. And is a great investment. I would recommend to buy the sample bottle first. If you like the results go for the big one next time. You will save a lot later.

About the safety, well, I think it is safe enough for me. Hey! I live surrounded by radiation from cellphones, and WIFI...I eat veggies full of pesticides and God knows what else, everything seems poisonous lately...
So at leas I will die knowing what is it to have better good hair days than before, an I will die gorgeous! (LOL)

You can see tutorials on How To Do It on Youtube.

I am so sorry I replied so late, this has been a crazy few months for me.
Keep us posted on the results. And yo can always PM me if I can help on anything!

Please take pics!!!!
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Funny...I just responded to someone else in a very similar fashion. The stress my hair had caused me for the first 43 years of my life was probably more detrimental to my health than the BKT ever could be! I'm not even kidding about that!

BTW, AD, I am LOVING L'oreal EverPure Moisture Conditioner. OMG, I love the way it smells in my hair, and I love my hair without all the cones of HEHH. It has also since stopped shedding so heavily, so I've introduced the V05 back as my cowash. I think I was just in some kind of heavy shedding cycle or something. I've decided to cut back on the root applications, too. Makes my roots too straight, and I have no volume. I need my root volume.

Baby fine, honey & caramel hilites, 4a/3c now 2b w/DIY BKT & LOVIN' it.
Cowash-V05 Extra Body
L'oreal EP Moisture-Rinse-out
BRHG mix w/
KCCC/KCKT (winter)
Clean-smelling-hair freak washes EOD; dry w/bowl diffuser
Cassia+henna+grays=Gold-red hilites
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