This is kinda a repost of what I put on the product review board, but it's my lil' 2 cents worth on the Curls stuff .

I use the Quenched Moisturizer, Souffle, Curly Q Custard, Goddess Glaze, NECL (still have 2 bottles) and the (old) SCC. I had tried SCC when it was new and didn't like it. I ordered samples from Sista's Place of the Milkshake, Curly Q Milkshake, Elixir and thought I'd try the SCC again.

Milkshake, either one, doesn't do alot for me. The Elixir is too much for my hair unless I just use some at night to moisturize. I loved the SCC and decided to get a full bottle. I wrote Curls the week before to ask when the SCC would be in stock. They said it should be in before the weekend. It never showed on the site and when I wrote back in mid-December or so, got a reply that it had been stocked and sold out and they'd have more at the end of December. I had been checking back fairly often and never did see it offered again, so I'm kinda wondering how true that was. A kind curly let me know I could get it off Curlicious but I saw in a thread where Curls was stocked again, so I got it from there.

The sample I'd gotten from SP was the old formula and old scent which I loved. I knew something was different with the scent of the SCC I'd gotten from Curls. It never dawned on me to check the site for an ingredient change because of the sample and not seeing anything on here about the change up. Nor, in the emails from them did they make sure I knew they'd changed the ingredients and scent (I'm a repeat customer).

I loved the NECL, now it's gone. Loved the old SCC, now it's gone and I don't like the new scent because I don't like the Ecstasy smell. So, because of the constant change-up in ingredients and lack of choice of scents, I'm going to use the rest of the Curls stuff I like and that'll be it for Curls. I'll sure miss the scents I liked because they do smell awesome.
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