I get asked this question a whole lot. I'm not. I'm white. My mom is Irish, my dad is Italian. I have blue eyes and freckles. My hair is dark brown with a little bit of red. I'm white.

But I get asked this question completely randomly, and I was wondering if anyone else got it a lot. People ask when they meet me, whenever I offhandedly mention something about my hair, or occasionally at the cash register at Bojangles' (I kid you not, the cashier asked me once). I have 3Cish hair, I think, and I'll get some pictures up here eventually. I was just wondering if anyone else gets the question, and how you respond if you do (once someone actually didn't believe me, which was an interesting moment).
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After traveling outside the US, I noticed we put more emphasis on White and Black than other countries. What makes a person Black or White or whatever? I 'd always considered myself Black but I'm noticing a lot of people from other races (Arabs, Asians, ect.) that have the same hue or darker skin than I do. And my family has lots of freckles. You said you're half Italian. A lot of Italians I know don't consider themselves White. Even get mad if you call them White. Maybe it's because there is so much North African ancestry in Italy and other Mediterranean countries. You could very well have some "Black" in you. When I was in Morocco, people kept asking me if I was Indian.