Eco Custard! LOL!

Does that infer that this is a knock off of Curling Custard?

I've been using ECO with AVG lately with my daughter and loving the results. Will this be better?

This ECOstyler I have is the Olive Oil one. Should I use less or none at all?
Living vicariously through my daughters hair
4 years old, bi-racial, 3b-3c hair

Cleanse- KCCC, Deva No Poo, Tres Semme Naturals, Joico K-pak (once in a while)

Condish- Matrix Conditioning Balm, sometimes with honey and/or AVG

DT- Joico K-pak or Coco Nut Oil mixed with Conditioner

Leave in- KCKT or Matrix Conditioning Balm

Stylers- Arc Angel, Set it Free, B-leave in, KC Tiny Twirls, KC Spiral Spritz, FSG, KCCC