Elithia, your hair is really beautiful! While growing out your hair, do you get it trimmed frequently or are you trying to not have it cut at all? How do you keep your ends healthy? Your hair grew a lot between the pics from 2007 and 2009, did you get your ends trimmed in those 2 years? I'm currently also trying to grow my hair, but since hair needs to be trimmed too often for my liking, it seems like forever to see progress. I just had my hair cut and I am really unhappy with it. I can't wait to have longer hair again. This is me right now:
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I think your hair is lovely, but I can see that it's short enough that it would be a love/hate thing. When I cut mine, I love love loved it for about four months and kept it at that length, and then overnight I was DONE with short hair. But unfortunately being "done" with short takes more patience to fix than being "done" with long.

As I'm in the midst of the re-growing-out process, it does indeed seem like it takes forever. FOREVER. It's been six months and I can feel the difference in terms of being able to put it up and stuff, but it seems like it looks more or less the same.

Trimming: First of all, I cut my own hair, because I live in a very rural area and don't have access to hairdressers who won't butcher it. Last time I grew it out, I trimmed fairly regularly to shape and long-layer it in addition to keeping the ends healthy. This time around, I've been keeping an eye on the ends and moisturizing the heck out of them - I put cocoa butter on them every other day or so, which they love. But the trimming I've done has been on a curl-by-curl basis, in small amounts, to fight split ends. It's not a particularly scientific method, I just trim when they feel like they need it.
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