Bloomin Heck!! thats one nice head of hair there!!
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Thanks My routine is pretty basic.
A handful of conditioner - favorite is Suave coconut - finger-combed through my hair, barely rinsed out (I run the water on it for about 3 seconds). Every other day or so I put a little bit of cocoa butter on the ends.
Then I squeeze out excess water/conditioner with my fingers, then scrunch with an old t-shirt. And then just a little clear gel scrunched in.
In the last picture my curls are slightly looser because I've started showering at night, and that makes my hair unpredictable - sometimes it's awesome and sometimes it's flat on one side and crazy on the other. But I'm a lazy college student and hate getting up to shower before my 9 am classes.
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Products: Suave coconut conditioner, coconut oil, Totally Twisted gel

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