I'm 36 weeks pregnant and I can't wait to have this baby...since I've been pregnant I haven't shed so much as one hair, I swear. My hair is a wreck!! I can't control the frizz at all because the yucky hair won't fall out. I have such thick hair to begin with and now it's even more so...there's just so much of it! Even when I have a decent curl day it's just so overwhelming and huge!! And then goes flat on top because it's so heavy.

Is it strange that I can't wait for it to fall out in handfuls again?! LOL
3a/b, fine hair (just lots of it!), average porosity, high elasticity, fragile curls

No Poo and loving it! Gave up my hair dryer and never looked back!

Favorite Condishs: Suave Naturals (cowash) or TRESemme Naturals
Leave-In: CJ Curl Assurance Leave-in or KCKT
Curl Creme: AG re:coil or SS Hair Butter
Gel: HETT, GF Gel

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