The proof is in the pudding. I don't always understand why some things work (and some effective things in life are counterintuitive), but THIS worked for my desert dry hair that's crazy porous.

I think the idea is that you moisten it and add the condish, so the hair can benefit from the condish and then NOT get supersaturated (hence this being good for the porous) by the shower. Whether that is the mechanics behind it, dunno, makes sense, but dunno.

I know it works. And many here have benefitted.

Whether it makes sense or no....I saw the improvements and I'm still doing it months and months later.

A lot of the stuff on here is "Oh, this worked for me, see if it works for you." Which is why we try it and if it works, great, if not, move along to something else. People have tried IceQueen, supersoaker, SMasters, and S&C, and many say, "Well, lookee there, it works."

I don't feel the need to examine it. If it works, fine, I keep doing it.
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